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Podcast Ep 54: Learning to be Uncomfortable in Yin Yoga

There is power in being uncomfortable. Panther came out of Kim Kran’s The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit deck before I recorded this episode, which portends unexpected havoc. While it is uncomfortable, we cannot grow when we are stagnated. Learn to welcome the wild unholiness and discomfort of change with a Yin Yoga practice that asks […]

Podcast Ep. 53: Energize Your Throat Chakra

It seems that, lately, every time I pull a card from Kim Kran’s The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit deck for episode inspiration, I get a Throat Chakra card. This week’s is Black Egg, the actual Throat Chakra card in the “spirit” group of animal spirits in the deck. I’ve been doing lots of work in […]

Animal Spirits – totems for solar plexus chakra work

Exploring the Chakra system side-by-side with shamanic journey work reveals animal helping spirits for each of the energy centers. The third Chakra, Manipura, which means “lustrous gem,” is your personal power and transformation center. In your solar plexus, located between your naval and your sternum, the fire element lights up your sense of self-worth. The […]

Podcast Ep 48: The Larger Gratitude of Giving

“Two kinds of gratitude: The sudden kind we feel for what we take; the larger kind we feel for what we give.” – Edwin Arlington Robinson, American poet This short episode was recorded in a hotel room while I was visiting family for the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Inspired by the upcoming Giving Tuesday, I’m sharing […]

Podcast Ep 47: Throat Chakra Yoga

Cards from The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit deck by Kim Krans have been right on (and challenging me) this week. Before recording, I pulled the Black Egg – the card for the throat Chakra. In the week after losing my voice to a cold, Mercury has gone direct, Spirit has been slamming me with messages, […]

Podcast Ep 46: Cold Care Yoga with Firefly

After a taking a chance and speaking my truth in a webinar to introduce my newly launched Shamanic Flow Mentorship, I came down with a head cold that left me voiceless the next day. I was still under the weather when I recorded this episode and I’m sharing a very gentle yoga practice that supports […]