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Podcast Ep 36: Yoga to Get Your Belly to the Earth

I drew Snake Spirit from Colette Baron-Reid’s Spirit Animal Oracle deck, reversed, and looked at what it means to shed the past in a way that keeps us whole and growing. The yoga practice invites you to be snake-like and get your belly to the Earth. You might want a thin blanket under your hips […]

Podcast Ep 35: Yoga for Activists in Frustrating Times

After saying a final goodbye to our elder dog this week, I was feeling a bit raw emotionally. Then I pulled Badger Spirit from Colette Baron-Reid’s Spirit Animal Oracle, reversed, and was challenged to consider how I let go of anger and frustration. Luckily I had hit the pavement in my running shoes earlier. The […]

Podcast Ep 34: Yoga to Use Your Mind Wisely

My dear friend Blair Sutherland created beautiful intro and background music for My Shamanic Life. I am grateful beyond words and pleased to be able to share it with you in this episode. I also share how an upcoming trip with my Shamanic Reiki teacher, Llyn Roberts, is challenging me to be less of a […]

Podcast Ep 33: Yoga for Exploring Your Shadow

The Nightingale Spirit card came out of Colette Baron-Reid’s Spirit Animal Oracle deck to invite a look into shadow in this week’s episode. Working with shadow parts – regrets, uniformed beliefs and biases, general ugliness of spirit – is necessary as we move into spiritual adulthood, but what we most avoid (me included) on our […]

Podcast Ep 31: A Yoga Practice for the Turtles

This episode is all about the turtles. I am excited to announce that the podcast has its first Patreon sponsor to help fund equipment needed for wild turtle rehabilitation. I’ll share about how asking for help was a big step into a new way of being for me, and I’ll guide you through a yoga […]

Yes, the turtle bus is really a bus

When I told my husband about my desire to rehabilitate turtles, he looked around our already crowded house and asked, “Where are you going to put them?” It was a legitimate question, and one that I had been asking myself. Then I looked out the window and remembered the bus. Why is there a bus […]

Podcast Ep. 29: Sun Salutations for the Solstice

In this episode I guide a progressively more challenging series of sun salutations for the Summer Solstice. Before that, you’ll hear about the Beaver Spirit card from Colette Baron-Reid’s Spirit Animal Oracle and why I’m digging into my foundation of beliefs and clearing out the rotten stuff. Happy Summer Solstice to my northern hemisphere listeners! […]

Podcast Ep 28: Healing With Snake Spirit

When I pulled the Snake Spirit card from Colette Baron-Reid’s Spirit Animal Oracle, I thought of Kundalini and transformation, but Snake’s message in this deck is of healing. I share about some of the healing practices I have been neglecting before leading you through a yoga practice to explore a core-focused approach to Cobra pose, […]