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Podcast Ep 41: Restore Yourself to Go Against the Flow

From reflection inspired by Nuthatch in Maia Toll’s The Illustrated Bestiary, this episode touches on our reactions to Greta Thunberg’s activism and our own desire (or aversion) to joining the front line of direct action. The gentle yoga practice gets your legs up the wall to restore your energy and invites you to look at […]

Podcast Ep 40: Journey with Wolf Spirit

I drew Gray Wolf from the deck that came with Maia Toll’s newly released The Illustrated Bestiary. The message to “nurture connections” led me to both wildlife corridors and our Shamanic Flow Circle group on Facebook, of which I hope you are a part. What do you desire to do to better the world? Join […]

Podcast Ep 39: Cultivating Courage in Wild Thing

Yoga’s Camatkarasana, the pose called Wild Thing, is a playful heart opener. For me, however, an injury led to a fearful retreat from practicing Wild Thing. With help from the Golden Egg from Kim Krans’ The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit deck, I’ve contemplated how strengthening the back of the heart allows me to be more […]

Podcast Ep 38: Where the Wild Things Were

I ditched the yoga practice this episode so I could bring your attention to some of the wildlife that has been affected by the Amazon wildfires, Hurricane Dorian, and the roll back of the endangered species regulations in the United States. I end with a meditation on the power inherent in the web of life. […]

Podcast Ep 37: Fire Up Your Legs in Eagle Pose

Get your talons out! In this episode we explore yoga’s Eagle Pose with emphasis on the legs. Discover its fiery energy inspired by the Eagle card in Kim Krans’ The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit deck. The message from the card was “step into the unknown,” a message I’ve been hearing since returning from Washington State’s […]

Podcast Ep 36: Yoga to Get Your Belly to the Earth

I drew Snake Spirit from Colette Baron-Reid’s Spirit Animal Oracle deck, reversed, and looked at what it means to shed the past in a way that keeps us whole and growing. The yoga practice invites you to be snake-like and get your belly to the Earth. You might want a thin blanket under your hips […]

Podcast Ep 35: Yoga for Activists in Frustrating Times

After saying a final goodbye to our elder dog this week, I was feeling a bit raw emotionally. Then I pulled Badger Spirit from Colette Baron-Reid’s Spirit Animal Oracle, reversed, and was challenged to consider how I let go of anger and frustration. Luckily I had hit the pavement in my running shoes earlier. The […]

Podcast Ep 34: Yoga to Use Your Mind Wisely

My dear friend Blair Sutherland created beautiful intro and background music for My Shamanic Life. I am grateful beyond words and pleased to be able to share it with you in this episode. I also share how an upcoming trip with my Shamanic Reiki teacher, Llyn Roberts, is challenging me to be less of a […]

Podcast Ep 33: Yoga for Exploring Your Shadow

The Nightingale Spirit card came out of Colette Baron-Reid’s Spirit Animal Oracle deck to invite a look into shadow in this week’s episode. Working with shadow parts – regrets, uniformed beliefs and biases, general ugliness of spirit – is necessary as we move into spiritual adulthood, but what we most avoid (me included) on our […]