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Animal Spirits – totems for heart chakra work

The heart chakra, Anahata, spins with the energy of love, joy, and harmony. If your heart chakra is feeling out of balance, by journeying to one of these animal spirits you can gain insight and guidance to make your heart happy. The joyful nature of Hummingbird invites you to find your own inner happiness. In […]

Podcast Ep 55: Get Into the Details in Warrior I

Mouse invites you into deeper and subtler scrutiny of your physical body as you explore the details of Warrior I in your yoga practice. Following the guidance from Kim Krans’ The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit deck and Yasmin Boland’s Moonology, we’re taking a look at pragmatism and attention to details in this New Moon in […]

Podcast Ep 54: Learning to be Uncomfortable in Yin Yoga

There is power in being uncomfortable. Panther came out of Kim Kran’s The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit deck before I recorded this episode, which portends unexpected havoc. While it is uncomfortable, we cannot grow when we are stagnated. Learn to welcome the wild unholiness and discomfort of change with a Yin Yoga practice that asks […]

Podcast Ep. 53: Energize Your Throat Chakra

It seems that, lately, every time I pull a card from Kim Kran’s The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit deck for episode inspiration, I get a Throat Chakra card. This week’s is Black Egg, the actual Throat Chakra card in the “spirit” group of animal spirits in the deck. I’ve been doing lots of work in […]

Animal Spirits – totems for solar plexus chakra work

Exploring the Chakra system side-by-side with shamanic journey work reveals animal helping spirits for each of the energy centers. The third Chakra, Manipura, which means “lustrous gem,” is your personal power and transformation center. In your solar plexus, located between your naval and your sternum, the fire element lights up your sense of self-worth. The […]