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Podcast Ep. 12: Yoga and Reiki for Emotional Release

The Reiki symbol Sei Hei Ki came out of Dorothy May’s Archetypal Reiki deck to support me at the end of a rough week. In this episode I’ll talk about that symbol, my down days, grief, and emotional release. The 30-minute yoga practice explores some typically tight or held places in the physical body and […]

Podcast Ep 10: Yoga to Connect with Fire and Air in Eagle Pose

When the Eagle card from Kim Krans’ The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit deck came up today I was taken by surprise. I’ve been battling depression and anxiety, partially seasonal and partially due to dread and helplessness over the imminent destruction of the National Butterfly Sanctuary for a section of unneeded wall on the southern border […]

Podcast Ep 09: Yoga to Explore Spirals

To open this episode, I pulled the “Spiral” card from Alberto Villoldo’s Mystic Shaman Oracle deck. Spirals are very present in Shamanic Reiki and in yoga – as we create spirals in our physical body that reflect the energetic spirals that exist. Explore the spiral with me as a symbol of our spiritual growth cycles […]