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Podcast Ep 47: Throat Chakra Yoga

Cards from The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit deck by Kim Krans have been right on (and challenging me) this week. Before recording, I pulled the Black Egg – the card for the throat Chakra. In the week after losing my voice to a cold, Mercury has gone direct, Spirit has been slamming me with messages, […]

Podcast Ep 46: Cold Care Yoga with Firefly

After a taking a chance and speaking my truth in a webinar to introduce my newly launched Shamanic Flow Mentorship, I came down with a head cold that left me voiceless the next day. I was still under the weather when I recorded this episode and I’m sharing a very gentle yoga practice that supports […]

Podcast Ep 45: Resting With Crocodile

In Yoga’s mythology, Makara is a huge crocodile-like creature and the ocean god Varuna’s steed. The pose dedicated to Makara is crocodile pose. Makarasana is a relaxing pose that releases tension in the low back and invites deep diaphragmatic breathing. When I pulled Crocodile from Kim Krans’ The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit deck, with an […]

Podcast Ep 44: Bonus – Turtle Rehab Rundown

Bonus episode! A follower asked for an update on my adventures in wildlife rehabilitation, so this episode is a quick rundown of what my first year as a rehabber looked like. I’ll add a bonus episode like this once in awhile for the turtle-curious. If you would like to chat about this episode or learn […]

Podcast Ep 43: Chakra Awareness Meditation

I’m drawing on my experience teaching the Chakra system and facilitating self-discovery through the Chakras to put together an online Chakra course. Since it was on my mind (and my desk), in this episode I’m sharing a meditation to bring awareness and balance to each of the seven major Chakra energy centers. You will feel […]

Podcast Ep 42: Loyalty and Down Dog

Deeply explore Yoga’s Downward-Facing Dog pose in a practice inspired by the Dog Spirit card from Colette Baron-Reid’s The Spirit Animal Oracle. The card’s message is to be loyal to what you love, but also consider what you need to let go so you have room to grow. Just like the notion that your heels […]

Podcast Ep 41: Restore Yourself to Go Against the Flow

From reflection inspired by Nuthatch in Maia Toll’s The Illustrated Bestiary, this episode touches on our reactions to Greta Thunberg’s activism and our own desire (or aversion) to joining the front line of direct action. The gentle yoga practice gets your legs up the wall to restore your energy and invites you to look at […]

Podcast Ep 40: Journey with Wolf Spirit

I drew Gray Wolf from the deck that came with Maia Toll’s newly released The Illustrated Bestiary. The message to “nurture connections” led me to both wildlife corridors and our Shamanic Flow Circle group on Facebook, of which I hope you are a part. What do you desire to do to better the world? Join […]

Podcast Ep 39: Cultivating Courage in Wild Thing

Yoga’s Camatkarasana, the pose called Wild Thing, is a playful heart opener. For me, however, an injury led to a fearful retreat from practicing Wild Thing. With help from the Golden Egg from Kim Krans’ The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit deck, I’ve contemplated how strengthening the back of the heart allows me to be more […]