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Yes, the turtle bus is really a bus

When I told my husband about my desire to rehabilitate turtles, he looked around our already crowded house and asked, “Where are you going to put them?” It was a legitimate question, and one that I had been asking myself. Then I looked out the window and remembered the bus. Why is there a bus […]

Podcast Ep. 29: Sun Salutations for the Solstice

In this episode I guide a progressively more challenging series of sun salutations for the Summer Solstice. Before that, you’ll hear about the Beaver Spirit card from Colette Baron-Reid’s Spirit Animal Oracle and why I’m digging into my foundation of beliefs and clearing out the rotten stuff. Happy Summer Solstice to my northern hemisphere listeners! […]

Podcast Ep 28: Healing With Snake Spirit

When I pulled the Snake Spirit card from Colette Baron-Reid’s Spirit Animal Oracle, I thought of Kundalini and transformation, but Snake’s message in this deck is of healing. I share about some of the healing practices I have been neglecting before leading you through a yoga practice to explore a core-focused approach to Cobra pose, […]

Podcast Ep 27: Build Up Strength to Open Your Heart

Before I posted this episode, I had to edit out twenty minutes of crying brought on by sharing a heart-opening experience in releasing an orphaned squirrel I had raised as a wildlife rehabilitator. While on the topic of heart opening, the yoga practice builds to a variation of Matsyasana, fish pose, that adds core strengthening […]

Podcast Ep 24: Yoga to Speak Your Truth

This episode of My Shamanic Life was inspired by the Black Egg card from Kim Krans’ The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit deck. The message is to speak your truth, so the short yoga practice focuses on your fifth chakra, the energy center in the throat. I believe we, collectively, need to work on both speaking […]

Podcast Ep 23: Making Space for Healing

With a nudge from the Mouse card from Kim Krans’ The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit deck, in this episode I’m sharing how I was blocking both my own healing and my healing work for others by not making space for it, plus an upcoming challenge for you. Then there’s 30 minutes of yoga to make […]

Podcast Ep 22: No Excuses Chair Yoga Practice

I heard lots of “I can’t do yoga because…” excuses this week and I’m done with them. This episode has a 30-minute excuse-proof chair yoga practice. Before it starts, I share about my yoga beginnings. They aren’t glamorous or exciting, but you’ll get why yoga is my “thing.” And why I know you can practice […]