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A vinyasa flow yoga sequence with circles

I am a big fan of circles. If you visited the page about my spirit circles you’ll know just how powerful circles can be. A circle holds sacred space, and in that space amazing things can happen. By incorporating circular movements into your yoga practice, you can create sacredness around you and within you. I […]

Why I write 3 pages about anything every morning

I purchased my copy of Julia Cameron’s book, The Artist’s Way, about 15 years ago. Working my way through the book was an enlightening experience, and the start of many small changes that have, over time, transformed my life. The tool that I used most consistently, and kept up the longest, was the Morning Pages. […]

Come for the Restorative Yoga, Stay for the Cat

Restorative yoga is lovely and deeply relaxing. I enjoying teaching restorative classes and workshops, and one of my favorites is a workshop I created where participants learn how to prop restorative poses with just one folded blanket. This gives them the opportunity to recreate the practice at home without having to invest in bolsters, blocks […]