Deep Nourishment Group Coaching

Nurture your body, honor your sacredness, transform your life.

There will be no new coaching groups started in 2017. Click here to learn about personal coaching.

When you join a Deep Nourishment group coaching program, you receive:

  • A circle of support within which you can share your feelings and develop deep connections, making your sessions more meaningful. Knowing you are not alone in your journey will help you develop the confidence and motivation to address your challenges and succeed.
  • A higher likelihood of achieving your self-care goals. You are much more likely to stick to your yoga class routine if you go with a friend, right? The same is true with group coaching. When women are part of a group, they procrastinate less, accomplish more, and reach their goals faster.
  • The benefit of collective wisdom. During your group calls you will brainstorm solutions, open creativity channels, and uncover opportunities you might not have discovered working solo. Each woman brings her own knowledge and experience which is woven into a powerful shared understanding.
  • A new perspective on your situation. You are exposed to a variety of insights that empower you to see your situation from multiple angles and motivate you to develop new solutions. Think of all those precious nuggets of advice you might have missed on your own.
  • A great value. Group coaching is a smart and affordable way to receive top-notch guidance at less than half the cost of individual coaching.
  • A whole circle invested in your success, and celebrating every milestone with you.
  • The chance to play! Each session is a social event that the participants look forward to. When you join a close-knit group that is energizing, motivating and, most of all, fun, the work of self-care turns into play.

Your group will gather via conference call six (6) times over three (3) months, approximately biweekly. Calls will last for 75 minutes and will always meet on the same day and at the same time for ease of scheduling. There will be a maximum of six (6) women in each group. See below for the dates and times of groups beginning soon.

Each of the calls will have an empowering theme for knowledge-building, plus opportunities for self-reflection, sharing, and coaching. The six themes are:

  1. Setting powerful intentions
  2. Nurturing yourself with nourishing food
  3. Self-care, self-love and relationships
  1. Tuning in, slowing down and positive thinking
  2. Knowing your body
  3. Visualizing your ideal lifestyle

The investment in your well-being is $225 at the start of the program, or $80 per month for each of the three (3) months. Your investment includes:

  • Six (6) 75-minute group coaching conference calls, per the group’s schedule
  • Access to the recording of each call in case of an unexpected conflict or to review
  • A reminder email approximately 24 hours before each call with printable info pages
  • Access to a private Facebook group to interact with other group coaching participants
  • Email support between calls
  • A one-on-one, 30-minute follow-up call within 15 days after the final group call