Deep Nourishment One-on-One Coaching

Nurture your body, honor your sacredness, transform your life

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When you nourish your body, mind and spirit at the deepest levels, life becomes extraordinary…

Deep Nourishment coaching is a 6-month adventure where you’ll discover what is most nourishing to you. You will gain the knowledge and support you need to radically improve your health and happiness.

Nourish all aspects of your being. During our six months together you will:

  • Connect to your inherent sacred spirit
  • Establish empowering intentions
  • Up your nourishing food knowledge
  • Confidently try out delicious and easy real food recipes
  • Tame your sugar cravings
  • Increase your energy levels
  • Feel great in your body
  • Improve your personal relationships
  • Take charge of your time
  • De-stress with soothing self-care techniques
  • Cultivate the life of your dreams

Deep Nourishment is knowing what truly nurtures your body, mind and spirit, trusting your vision, letting go of your fears, and experiencing a life full of joy and gratitude.

Your personalized program includes:

  • Twelve (12) 50-minute private coaching calls (2 sessions per month), scheduled in advance at a convenient time for you
  • Individualized recommendations and info pages after every call
  • A package of gifts to support your wellness practices
  • Real food recipes that are nourishing and easy to prepare
  • My bi-monthly newsletter, packed with wellness lifestyle tips
  • Accountability and support as you integrate new concepts, recipes and practices
  • The space, time and tools you need to manifest an extraordinary life

Your investment in Deep Nourishment one-on-one coaching, which includes everything listed above, is $175 per month for six months. You’ll get a healthier relationship with food, nourishing recipes you can prepare with confidence, clarity of purpose, self-reliance, and a new commitment to your extraordinary life.

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