Creating Sacred Space for You

1-jan2012-007-glassel-wood-stone-circleHello Beautiful Soul.

It has been quiet here for awhile. Please know that I have not forgotten you. In fact, I have been busy, behind the scenes, laying the stones for a new sacred space for you to explore, grow, and transform in.

This site is going through its own growth and transformation. The offerings for you are also going through a change. Soon, you will be able to:

  • Schedule a complementary 30 minute session to create your own space for change and growth.
  • Join the next 3-month group coaching program to nurture your body, honor your sacredness and transform your life.
  • Learn about the two levels of yoga teacher training available.
  • Discover Shamanic Reiki.
  • Order Inspired Aromatherapy preparations and blends with ease.
  • See all new blog posts with lots of great tips for healing and healers.
  • Explore other ways to work with me.

Thank you for being patient. Soon the altar will be ready and the circle will be cast. Meanwhile, please peruse the menu. There’s lots to see.

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