Find Your Fire!
Find Your Fire!
The 5 Shifts You Need to Stop Dreaming and Start Taking Impactful Aligned Action

Live Webinar! New Date!

Monday, February 3rd at 7:30pmEST / 4:30pmPST

Find Your Fire! Free Webinar!
You've got a deep desire to change the world, but you find yourself dreaming instead of doing and it's frustrating. Do any of these sound like you?
  • You keep looking around for a helper who never shows up.
  • You constantly worry people think you are a show-off.
  • Bad news gets you down so you avoid it.
  • There's so many things you would like to do something about that it's overwhelming.
  • You are happiest when someone else is in charge, or you would rather work alone.
You are ready to step up.

Whether your wish is to conserve green places, protect wildlife, reverse climate change, or find environmental and economic substainability, this is for you.


You'll hear how to be a helper, break out of your shell, renew your hope, get in alignment, and find your circle so you can be the advocate and activist you desire to be.


I'll share how I made those shifts and made room in my life for wildlife rehabilitation and advocacy, and a whole bunch of turtles, while taking my business from failing to thriving. 


Live online! Monday, February 3rd at 7:30pmEST / 4:30pmPST

Can't make it live? You'll receive the replay link after the live event if you register.

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