Shamanic Flow Mentorship

It’s time for you to get grounded, centered and REAL so you can manifest your dream of an extraordinary life as a transformational healer, teacher, and leader.

Imagine flowing through your day, bringing healing and transformation to the people you serve with yoga or Reiki or another modality, and leaving a legacy of purposeful leadership.

You are ready to break open, get real, and take the next steps towards that extraordinary life. You can teach yoga or do other healing work with authenticity and abundance when you get real about your big vision and how to manifest it. You just need support and accountability to change the world.

You are looking everywhere but inside yourself for the missing pieces. It’s killing you to watch your dream floating just out of reach.

Join me for 60 minutes where you’ll dive into so shamanic practices so you feel grounded, connected, and clear and create some action steps to start manifesting your dream. This hour will change your life. Please schedule your complementary Break Open call now.

Start here with a 60 minute Break Open virtual session

In the 6-month Shamanic Flow Mentorship you will:

Begin with grounding self-care…

What are your wellness practices? You’ll develop daily practices of connection with nature and yourself, sacred rest, and nurturing movement. You will determine how you feel your best, so you can live your best life and bring healing to others.

Clearly see your big vision…

What are your dreams, thoughts, and plans? You’ll refine your big vision, and define attainable goals.

Take real action…

How are you spending your days? You will create a solid action plan for manifestion and take a hard look at what you do with your time to make space for making it happen.

Get organized…

What’s your money situation? You will streamline your business and financial records, work with a monthly financial statement, and design a physical or virtual business space so you can focus on your healing work and have a happy tax time.

Round out your skills…

What knowledge and skills do you lack? You will identify what you really need to make your big vision happen so you can stop wasting time and money and laser-focus on truly beneficial trainings, courses, and workshops.


Look at how you’ve changed in six months! At the end of your program, you and I will celebrate your accomplishments and transformation. You’ll move into the next stage with clarity and momentum as you continue to create your extraordinary life.

Are you ready to do some spiritual adulting and step up as a transformational leader? Schedule a complementary Break Open call. I have spots available within the next week, but they fill up fast. Schedule your call now.

Start here with a 60 minute Break Open virtual session

The nitty-gritty:

Your Break Open call is my gift to you. If you would like to go deeper in the Shamanic Flow Mentorship, here are the very real details:

Your one-on-one Shamanic Flow Mentorship runs for six (6) months, during which you will connect with me for a total of twelve (12) 90-minute virtual session (two per month). Each session, conducted via Zoom, includes an accountability check-in, brainstorming, goal setting, or another exercise for self-discovery, and distance Shamanic Reiki healing and/or shamanic journeying. You will work on your action steps between calls.

Your investment towards your clarity, wellness, and manifesting your best life is $5,000 or $850 per month for six (6) months. This includes the twelve one-on-one sessions and email support between sessions.