Shamanic Reiki

Intuitive and power-filled healing

Reiki (ray-key) is an ancient technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered through the light touch of hands in non-intrusive positions on or near the body, to guide and balance the flow of life energy (also called chi or prana). You remain clothed and there is no massage or manipulation.

Shamanic Reiki powerfully blends shamanic ceremony and techniques with traditional Usui Reiki, for a holistic healing session guided by spirit. Since shamanic practices exist in all of our ancestral cultures, they feel comfortable, perhaps even familiar. Like traditional Reiki, Shamanic Reiki works with the life energy that flows through all of nature, but also draws from the concepts of shamanic journeying and working with spirit and animal guides. In additional to stimulating wellness, vitality and balance, Shamanic Reiki is powerful for receiving insight around big life changes, such as career transitions, marriage or divorce, and to release fear, pain or trauma from this life and past lives.

A Shamanic Reiki session is beneficial if you are seeking:

  • Deep relaxation of body and mind
  • Stress reduction
  • Reduction of chronic or acute pain
  • A boost to your immune system
  • Gentle release of blocked memories and/or emotions
  • Support while grieving
  • Introduction to your spirit and/or animal guides
  • Heightened mental clarity and intuition
  • Expanded spiritual awareness
  • A sense of harmony and balance
  • Enhanced well-being overall

At the start of your session, you can share what you would like to focus on during the Shamanic Reiki session, or allow it to be led by spirit. You are your own healer. You must say “yes” and welcome the healing energy in. Your Shamanic Reiki session may include chakra balancing techniques, the use of stones, feathers or other nature objects, drumming or rattling, guided or unguided shamanic journeying, interactive removal of energetic obstructions or cords, or intuitive work with oracle cards, always in addition to and supported by the flow of life energy.

Your investment for an individual one-plus hour session, drawing on Shamanism and Reiki, is $55. Packages for multiple sessions are available. Contact me for an appointment at True North Yoga in Schroon Lake, New York. House calls in the local area are also available.

I do not diagnose or prescribe treatment for medical conditions, or make decisions for you about your life. Shamanic Reiki is not a substitute for medical, psychological or any other treatment, counseling or professional services, but it can aid and support traditional treatments.

Distance sessions with Shamanic Reiki

Shamanic Reiki is a transference of energy and can travel through space like light and sound waves. The same healing benefits and insights can be received anywhere in the world. A distance session begins with a 15-minute phone call to set your intentions for the work. After three (3) days, during which I will journey on your behalf and transmit Shamanic Reiki energy, we will speak for another 15-30 minutes to share messages and a summary of the experience. You will receive an email copy of my notes for your reference and reflection.

Your investment in a Distance Shamanic Reiki session is $65. Please contact me to schedule an initial phone call.