Shamanic Reiki Level 1 trainings in 2017

Shamanic Reiki Level 1 AdirondacksShamanic Reiki blends the timeless wisdom of two ancient healing traditions with new approaches and practical teachings.

2017 Trainings:

March 25th and 26th at Benchmark Studio in Keene Valley, New York (9:30 AM – 5:00 PM both days)
June 10th and 11th  at The Lotus Center in Plattsburgh, New York (9:00 AM – 5:00 PM both days)

Anyone can practice Reiki healing, which guides and balances life force energy through the light touch of hands in non-intrusive positions on or near the body. Integrating Reiki with shamanism is natural as the two healing forms are based on similar principles. In this highly experiential weekend you will practice simple yet powerful techniques that join Reiki together with intuitive, Earth-honoring approaches from diverse shamanic cultures.

You will:

  • Receive the Reiki Level One attunement to activate and empower your innate ability to heal
  • Practice Shamanic Reiki self-healing methods and intuitive strategies for the transmission of Reiki
  • Integrate shamanic techniques to access alternate realities beyond time and space, within your healing work
  • Give and receive a complete Shamanic Reiki session
  • Explore shamanic methods that will open you to the healing forces of the Earth and the elements
  • Discover how to create a healing environment and develop your own Shamanic Reiki healing practice
  • Engage life-shifting shamanic journeys to empower as a Shamanic Reiki healer, and more.

Join us in exploring and practicing a systemized yet intuitive approach to manifesting profound natural healing at your fingertips to help yourself, your loved ones, your pets, and our Planet.

$165 per person. Pre-registration is requested:

Dress comfortably to sit or lie on the floor. Bring a journal or notebook and something to write with, and water. We will break for lunch. You may bring your own or visit one of the local eateries. Snacks and tea will be provided.

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