After graduation, I found Debbie to remain available and open to the developing styles of the new teachers, offering her support and opportunities to teach at True North Yoga. She also offers plenty of inspiration while getting a practice started.

Debbie fosters a non-competitive, safe haven with vital instruction in how to teach who is in front of you with certainty and readiness to offer modifications to those with limitations while simultaneously challenging the advanced.

She welcomes those who have limitations into the program, knowing that they will progress forward carrying a special understanding and compassion for helping those who suffer to improve their quality of life. Love and peace.

Jennifer S., Ticonderoga, NY, March 2014

The True North Advanced Yoga Studies program was perfect for me in so many ways! It allowed me to pursue my passion for yoga on a whole new level without requiring me to take a significant chunk of time off from my daily life. And the pacing of the program allowed me to really absorb and integrate what I was learning into my daily life, making for a very rich experience, indeed. Debbie is one of those teachers who really “gets it” and knows how to bring out the best in her students!

Jennifer V., Jay, NY, March 2014

Debbie is a fantastic instructor. She demonstrates how to be an outstanding yoga teacher and gives you guidance with compassion and understanding. She encourages you to go and find your style of Hatha Yoga. I always trust her opinion and still contact her for suggestions.

Since April 2013 I have started my own yoga business, teaching 2-3 evenings a week, in the small town of Ticonderoga, NY. People started coming to my classes to “try” yoga, many who had never practiced before. I get a lot of thanks for bringing yoga to them, and I feel like I make a difference in people’s lives. It is the most rewarding experience to give back! I also have been hired at a few spa locations to teach yoga. Opportunities present themselves in amazing ways!

Heather Y., Ticonderoga, NY, March 2013

The teacher training with Debbie offered me a safe and nurturing space in which to explore myself. Debbie offers a beautiful way of holding space for each and every person to develop in their unique way, honoring differences and honoring the needs of each. I recommend this to anyone looking for an experience of exploring with others into your self through the practice of yoga.

Margaret W., Keene, NY, March 2014

My original goals for taking Debbie’s 6 month Health Coaching Program was to lose weight and learn how to live a healthy life style. What I got was far more. Although still working on these goals I have made many positive changes with the gentle encouragement of Debbie.

Losing weight is not only about food choices, but also attitude and outlook. Debbie helped me focus on the positive by providing simple tools, and she began each session asking “what are we celebrating?” Debbie provided feedback after each session and followed up with useful information and additional resources.

Debbie’s non-judgmental, positive and open demeanor were a blessing for my growth in learning to love and care for myself. I would recommend the program to anyone looking for support in the changes they are seeking. With Debbie you will find a wealth of support and information. She will hold the perfect space for you!

Cindy, Brant Lake, NY

The most significant overall change I have noticed has been that my values have been refined to truly caring for my body as a temple with purity using natural elements such as real whole foods, spices, essential oils and pure water bringing deficiencies into balance. Debbie is a patient, helpful, ingenious health coach who is passionate about her work. I recommend Debbie to many people that I speak with.

Jennifer, Ticonderoga, NY

My top goals were to lose some weight, let go of sugar, and create more space. Debbie helped me work towards these goals by giving me practical information and worksheets that allowed me to better understand my own real needs, as well as facilitating a 10-day detox. I lost 20 pounds and have a better relationship with food, but most significantly, I have been feeling less stuck and more capable of changing from within. Debbie is wise, compassionate and supportive, and I would recommend her to anyone. It’s not easy being vulnerable, and it can be embarrassing to engage in conversation about deep personal change. Debbie provides trustworthy and non-judging support.

Joyce, North Creek, NY

When I started the Mentorship Program with Debbie, I was fresh out of her Master Level Reiki Practitioner Training. I was bursting at the seams with the urge to help the entire world, now, but at a complete loss for how to integrate and navigate this new way of being in the world. I had never been self-employed, and the idea of being out in the Universe, offering my vulnerable spirit to the Universe felt terrifying and enthralling. I knew I was on and have been on my right true path, sometimes it just takes the help of an intuitive guide who is much farther down the path to help bring one along.

This mentorship has shifted my energetic being in a way that supports me in this new life, new way of being, seeing, and knowing. Having Debbie, such an intuitive guide, who lives and breathes this authentic shamanic life, is priceless in such an important time of life. Having biweekly check-ins gives space yet support, to practice and cultivate skills, time to integrate and process sessions and practices. There is support that increases growth, and there is freedom for exploring. There is room for failure, there is room for trial and error.

My energy has shifted and settled with the help of Debbie, guided journeys, handouts, questions, assignments, and practices I have been integrating into my daily life. I know now that each small piece is a part of the grand puzzle, and it is all coming together better than I could have imagined. Regardless of the outcome, I am certain this program will guide me along the path, towards an energetic life that will be more in alignment, with a greater positive impact, and holistically better than would have been possible without the guidance Debbie and her program will provide.

Jess, VT