+300-hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training

(for 500-hour certification)


The Energetics of Yoga 300-hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training program is for current 200-hour teachers who would like to build upon the fundamental concepts of teaching yoga while incorporating shamanic elements and circle work into their classes. You will explore principles and techniques with more detail and more subtlety, empowering you to teach with greater knowledge and skill. During the training, you will hone your personal expression of yoga, to teach with true authenticity.

The training is divided into four “elemental” modules which you can take in any order. You will be eligible for Yoga Alliance 500-hour Registered Yoga Teacher status when you have completed all four modules and accumulated 100 hours of teaching experience, although registration is optional and you may simply take modules of interest.

The Advanced Training modules invite you to clarify your powerful alignment cues, connect with various learning styles, and use your language and voice to teach effectively in every class. You will dig into physical and energetic anatomy to create a safe and benefical yoga practice for your students, while exploring how elements of other styles of yoga and complementary practices can bring more substance and uniqueness to your classes. The modules encourage you to truly embody your practice and embrace teaching yoga as a service to others.

Each module is held over four weekends spread over a six to eight week period. Please see the current schedule below and follow the link at the bottom to download your application.

Earth module: shapeshifting through asana, applied anatomy and adjustments

During the Earth module you will expand your understanding of:

  • The form and function of key asanas, the common foundations within categories of poses, and the application of that knowledge to teach more pose variations and advanced poses
  • Demonstrating, observing, and adjusting asanas
  • Human physical anatomy and physiology
  • Healthy movement patterns
  • The application of anatomical knowledge to the practice of yoga, its benefits, and contraindications
  • Adapting the practice of yoga to special populations such as the elderly, pregnant women, and children
  • Shapeshifting through the embodiment of nature’s movements and forms

Air module: breath, communication and storytelling

During the Air Module, you will hone your teaching skills in the following areas:

  • Learning style-based instruction of yoga
  • Using your language and voice to better communicate with and cue your students
  • Incorporating philosophy and story-telling into your yoga classes
  • Sharing the mythology and allegory of yoga and other cultures to expand awareness
  • Pranayama for centering and deeper awareness, including shamanic breath practices for shifting consciousness

Water module: Energetic anatomy and the mind-body-spirit connection

During the Water Module, you will explore the energetic anatomy of yoga, including:

  • The Chakra system
  • Nadis and Bandhas
  • Meridians, Taoism and Yin Yoga
  • Mudras
  • Western psychology and yoga
  • Mantra and Bhakti

Prerequisite: Level I attunement in Reiki or similar energy healing modality is required to enable you to better connect to and experience the energy body. (Contact me for upcoming Shamanic Reiki trainings.)

Fire module: Yoga as your life and your work

During the Fire Module, you will become truly authentic in your offerings by exploring:

  • Teaching yoga as a service and being of service to others through yoga
  • Yoga as a form of and a path to activism
  • Sequencing and vinyasa to create a shamanic flow in your yoga classes
  • Incorporating aspects of different contemporary yoga styles in your classes
  • Teaching unique workshops and working with clients one-on-one
  • The business and promotion of your yoga offerings

Each module meets over four weekends, from 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday, except the final Saturday when we will stay until 9:30 p.m. for ceremony and celebration. Attendance at all eight classes is mandatory to earn your completion certificate. Please confirm your availability and commit to the dates before registering for a module.

Earth Module 2017:

February 4th and 5th

February 18th and 19th

March 4th and 5th

March 18th and 19th

(We will be staying until 9:30 p.m. on Saturday, March 18th.)

Benchmark Studio
Keene Valley, NY

Air Module 2017:

April 29th and 30th

May 6th and 7th

May 20th and 21st

June 3rd and 4th

(We will be staying until 9:30 p.m. on Saturday, June 3rd.)

Benchmark Studio
Keene Valley, NY

Water Module 2017:

August 5th and 6th

August 19th and 20th

September 9th and 10th

September 16th and 17th

(We will be staying until 9:30 p.m. on Saturday, September 16th.)

Benchmark Studio
Keene Valley, NY

Fire Module 2017:

October 14th and 15th

October 28th and 29th

November 11th and 12th

November 18th and 19th

(We will be staying until 9:30 p.m. on Saturday, November 18th.)

Benchmark Studio
Keene Valley, NY

These modules are only open to those who have completed a 200-hour yoga teacher training.

Click here to download the application. Please be sure to indicate which module(s) you are applying for.

The cost per module is $750, which includes all the required sessions as well as books and other materials. It is my intention to include all committed teachers who truly love yoga and want to advance without an undue financial burden. Extended payment options are available. Please do not send payment with your application. An invoice will be forwarded upon your acceptance into the module.