Creating Sacred Space for You

1-jan2012-007-glassel-wood-stone-circleHello Beautiful Soul.

It has been quiet here for awhile. Please know that I have not forgotten you. In fact, I have been busy, behind the scenes, laying the stones for a new sacred space for you to explore, grow, and transform in.

This site is going through its own growth and transformation. The offerings for you are also going through a change. Soon, you will be able to:

  • Schedule a complementary 30 minute session to create your own space for change and growth.
  • Join the next 3-month group coaching program to nurture your body, honor your sacredness and transform your life.
  • Learn about the two levels of yoga teacher training available.
  • Discover Shamanic Reiki.
  • Order Inspired Aromatherapy preparations and blends with ease.
  • See all new blog posts with lots of great tips for healing and healers.
  • Explore other ways to work with me.

Thank you for being patient. Soon the altar will be ready and the circle will be cast. Meanwhile, please peruse the menu. There’s lots to see.

Sacred Spirals and Breathwork

“…no circle is ever closed. We walk ever in spirals.”
~ R. Scott Bakker

Experiencethe spiralsin yourbreathDo you feel like you’ve been here before? We see time as linear and circles in the patterns of nature. And so spring comes around again. Or does it?

During the past two moon cycles I’ve been quiet. Introspective. I’ve become aware of many patterns repeating in my being-ness. I’m seeing challenges that I’ve dealt with before, unresolved issues, and even childhood activities resurfacing. It’s frustrating. Why do I have to deal with this stuff again?

Then, a few weeks ago, I began seeing spirals everywhere and I became aware that I am not walking a straight line, or in a circle, but dancing through the labyrinth of existence. Spring has come around again, but it is not the same spring, and I am not the same person. I’m meeting familiar challenges with more experience and insight. And I am exploring new-again activities not as a child but with a child-like mind.

When I recognized and appreciated the sacredness of the spiral path I am walking, I opened to wonder and beauty and an order within the chaos of living. I see that each time a pattern reoccurs I am being offered an opportunity to apply new awareness, new tools and new skills to move through it with more grace.

You may, too, find yourself in a familiar place as you walk your own spiral path. What comes up for you again and again? And how do you respond? Notice if frustration, defeatism or despair arise. Then see if you can breathe into the sacredness and acknowledge who you are today. What more can you bring to the challenge? Maybe you are ready to release the pattern, but maybe you will spiral around again to face it as the you with even more experience.

There are a number of ways to connect with the spiral shape through breath work. I find spiral breathing both calming and centering. The simplest way to experience the spiral breath is to breath in up the back body, and breath out down the front body. Try it now. See, sense or feel the breath traveling up your spine as you inhale. Feel it flow down through your chest and belly as you exhale. As the breath deepens, you might sense it spiraling out until the breath is circling into the space behind and in front of you.

You can also spiral the breath in the coronal, or frontal, plane. which helps to bring awareness and balance to the breath and the mind while you explore the spirals. Take a breath in through your right nostril and draw the breath up your right side and into the top of your chest. Then exhale through the same right nostril and send the breath down the left side. Repeat a few times with the right nostril, then switch to the left. Inhale up the left side and exhale down the right. Practice through the left nostril a few times. Then try breathing through both nostrils while spiraling the breath. You will have two opposing spirals circling at the same time. Practice the two nostrils together a few times until you can feel both.

Inspired Aromatherapy: Spring 2016 Offerings

The world needs healers.

I truly believe when you move deeply into your body, cultivate your inner knowing, and honor your radiant sacredness, you become a healer. Essential oils and aromatherapy are tools for your healing journey.

How could I best share these tools while letting my creativity out to play? This question has tortured me for many months while I figured out what to do with a rack full of essential oils and some aromatherapy education. Then this moon cycle happened and I experienced, in rapid succession, inspiration, clarity, a plan, momentum, and manifestation. Sometimes it works like that.

Yesterday I presented a limited line of aromatherapy preparations and essential oil blends on a brand new Facebook page. I intend to offer three preparations and two blends each season.

IMG_20160424_162423620Please say hello to Inspired Aromatherapy.

I created Inspired Aromatherapy to share healing tools with you in two ways: by creating nurturing and uplifting blends that support you so you can enjoy living, and by teaching you how to make your own blends at seasonal workshops. With these tools, you can be a healer – for yourself, for your family and friends, for your community – and the world needs more healers.

Soon these items will be available in our Etsy shop, Adirondack Earth Lore. Until then, please email me and I will be happy to get you more details or help with an order.

Spring 2016 Offerings:

Pout-Able Lip Balm

Pout-Able Lip Balm BlogGenetics are a funny thing. I’ve got elf-like ears from my dad’s family. From my mom’s side came a lower lip that can pout with the best of them. When that lip comes out, you’d better watch out, because I want what I want and I am going to keep pouting until I get it. But dry, cracked lips can’t pout without pain. I was inspired to create Pout-Able Lip Balm so we can all be pouty when we need to. Geranium essential oil soothes split skin, grapefruit essential oil tones the skin and underlying tissue, and a dash of raw honey adds shine and invites a kiss to make it all better. Ingredients: organic white beeswax, organic coconut oil, raw honey, vitamin E, grapefruit essential oil, geranium essential oil ($3.00 per 1/2 ounce tin)

Keep Moving! Muscle & Joint Cream

Keep Moving Muscle Joint Cream BlogSpringtime calls us out of winter’s rest and into action. After a few weeks of yoga workshops, spring cleaning and hikes, I was inspired to make a super supportive cream for muscles and joints. Eucalyptus and lavender are anti-inflammatory, and clove helps to relieve joint pain. Shea butter nourishes the skin while delivering the gently warming oil combination. Ingredients: Organic shea butter, organic coconut oil, organic beeswax, eucalyptus globulus essential oil, lavender essential oil, clove essential oil ($11.00 per 4 ounce jar)

Take a Hike! Foot Bath

Take a Hike Foot Bath BlogThe inspiration for this luxurious foot soak was my now 12-year-old son. I’ve been dragging him up mountains since he was young. A few years ago he started complaining about how much his feet hurt after a long hike, and threatened to stop coming with me. I introduced him to Epsom salts, and now the promise a warm foot bath is the only thing that will get him to lace up his boots. The oil blend reinvigorates your feet and – bonus! – fights off athlete’s foot. Ingredients: Epsom salts, sea salt, peppermint essential oil, geranium essential oil, lemongrass essential oil, rosemary essential oil ($5.00 per 4 ounce jar, which contains salts for two (2) salts)

Diffuser Blends:

Inspired diffuser blends are 2ml bottles of 100% pure, therapeutic grade essential oils. These blends may contain plant oils that can irritate the skin due to the high concentration of beneficial compounds, so please do not apply undiluted to your skin. Use 8-10 drops in a commercial diffuser or 1-2 drops on a clay diffuser pendant. To scent a votive candle, light the candle until the wax melts on top, then blow it out and add 1-2 drops to the melted wax. Let it sit for a moment, then relight the wick.

Bleeding Heart

downloadI just got a new deck of plant spirit cards, and I drew Bleeding Heart to inspire this blend. Bleeding Heart’s spirit is unconditional love. You are worthy of love, because you ARE love! What a perfect theme for spring! I blended Wild Chamomile, Ylang Ylang and Cinnamon Bark essential oils for a delightful scent that both opens and warms the heart. Enjoy the love! ($18.00 for 2ml bottle)



201510561d76d164aabMy life is incomplete without my tribe. I am inspired every day by the beautiful, powerful and oh-so-supportive warrior goddesses who make up my circle of friends, so I created this blend for them. Cypress essential oil keeps us grounded to the earth, while myrrh and lemon oils invoke spiritual lunar energy. Hello, intuition and sacredness! ($8.00 for 2ml bottle)

Getting oily on Instagram

Ever wonder what you can do with your essential oils? Young Living is running a contest on Instagram asking us to share pictures of our favorite essential oils and how we use them throughout the day. The posts are tagged #myYLlife. It turns out I pull out my essential oils pretty often. Here’s a peak at some of my posts from the first two days:

Making essential oil powered yoga mat cleaner for the studio and filling some small spray bottles for friends.

Making essential oil powered yoga mat cleaner for the studio and filling some small spray bottles for friends.

A few drops of PanAway blend in our post-hiking epsom salt soak makes sore toes feel much better.

A few drops of PanAway blend in our post-hiking epsom salt soak makes sore toes feel much better.

Diffusing basil, lavender and rosemary oils, my "memory and concentration" blend, while I work on my clinical aromatherapy homework.

Diffusing basil, lavender and rosemary oils, my “memory and concentration” blend, while I work on my clinical aromatherapy homework.

Marinaded some chicken for the grill with a yummy honey lime marinade made with lime essential oil.

Marinaded some chicken for the grill with a yummy honey lime marinade made with lime essential oil.

This is me in the waiting room at the doctor's office today. I broke out my Stress Away after having to drive in the city and to prepare to talk to the doctor about possible surgery. Ugh.

This is me in the waiting room at the doctor’s office today. I broke out my Stress Away after having to drive in the city and to prepare to talk to the doctor about possible surgery. Ugh.

What’s your favorite essential oil? How are you using it? Comment below or join the fun on Instagram with the #myYLlife tag. Be sure to follow debbiephilp on Instagram, too!

Lunch Date talk – What the heck is Reiki?

Have you discovered the Reiki healing touch system? Do you even know what it is? I’ve been meeting lots of folks who don’t know, or don’t really get it, so for this week’s “Lunch Date” call I answered the question, “What the heck is Reiki?”

You can listen to this call  below.

Have you ever had a Reiki session? What was your experience? I’d love to hear about it. Please comment below. And, if you’re local, you can schedule a Reiki session with me!

Show your liver some love

2015-09 LiverBring your hand to your right lower ribs. Behind the bones, just below your diaphragm, is your 3 pound, rubbery liver. Most of us are unaware of the body’s largest gland, unless there is a problem. But now is the time to start showing your liver some love.

You cannot survive without your liver. It supports almost all the other organs. Your liver is a filter for blood leaving the digestive tract. It detoxifies chemicals, metabolizes drugs, and makes proteins important for blood clotting. Special cells, called Kupffer cells, capture and digest bacteria, fungi, parasites, worn-out blood cells and a bunch of debris from cellular processes throughout your body. Imagine the constant fight your immune system would have without your liver’s help.

Viruses, like Hepatitis A, B and C, overuse of acetaminophen, and chronic alcohol abuse can cause scarring in the liver. Over time, the growth of scar tissue destroys the liver cells, a condition known as cirrhosis. Just because you don’t have cirrhosis doesn’t mean your liver is healthy, however. An overload of the bad stuff your liver should be filtering results in toxicity. An overloaded liver might show up as chronic fatigue, moodiness, bloating after a meal, or being unable to lose weight despite lots of dieting and exercising. Or you might not even notice it.

When I was researching my last “Lunch Date” call, I found out that eating too much fructose can lead to fatty liver and insulin resistance. Cutting down on or eliminating refined sugar and high fructose corn syrup helps ease your liver’s load. Eating whole, organic foods reduces the amount of toxic chemicals your liver has to filter out. Taking probiotics or eating fermented foods helps maintain your digestive system’s health so less bad bacteria and other microbes get to your liver.

Supporting your liver is supporting your whole body’s health. What other signs and symptoms of liver toxicity are there? How are you caring for your liver? Please share by leaving a comment.

Lunch Date: the science behind the sugar blues

This week’s “lunch date” is a 15 minute rundown on sugar. The history of sugar (including an interesting tidbit about the American Revolution), what sugar is, how your body processes sugar and what happens when you eat too much of it are covered. Plus I share how to spot hidden sugar in processed food and some tips on giving it up.

Listen in during your lunch break, or anytime. You can join me live on meet.FM every other Monday at 1:00 pm ET for another topic. Find the upcoming topics on my calendar, or join my email list for an invitation in your inbox.