Debbie Philp holds space for you, beautiful being, to feel into the radiant sacredness of your body and to root deeply into Mother Earth.

She works with you – one of the blossoming healers of the world – as you discover your innate power, your inner wisdom, and your ability to nurture yourself and others. Her offerings, inspired by yoga and shamanic practices, help you move into your physical being, to unlock your intuition, and to honor the awesomeness of your spirit. She passionately desires that you peel back the layers of self-doubt to reveal the capable healer that you are when you stand as your authentic self.

We, the human species, are standing at a precipice. The belief systems – religious, economic and social – that have shaped society through the rise of agriculture, trade and industrialization are beginning to crack at their foundations. We have used the Earth’s resources unsustainably and climate catastrophes threaten our survival. The patriarchal order is being chipped away and chaos seems imminent. Astrologers say we are moving into the Age of Aquarius. Whatever you call it, we are at the edge. Will you retreat, or are you ready to jump into the new unknown?

Before you turn away from the abyss, take a moment to stand or sit with your feet firmly down. Rub the palms of your hands together. Keep rubbing until they are hot. Then, keeping your palms facing each other, separate them about an inch. Feel that? Continue to face your palms in, but move them around a bit. Open another inch, bring them closer together, slide them across each other. You are feeling the living energy that flows through all of creation.

The presence of this living energy comforts me as I curl my toes over the edge. I am not alone, as an individual or even as the embodiment of all of humanity. I am part of a global ecosystem, physically and energetically, just one cell of the organism that is Mother Earth.

Humans, just like the animals and plants, the water, the rocks, soil and sand, and the air itself, have always known change. Day turns to night and back into day, the tides advance and ebb, summer fades to autumn, and autumn gives way to winter. Winter ends and spring comes. Our nomadic ancestors understood the lack of permanence, but “civilized” peoples walled themselves in with rock and tried to stay put. We have separated ourselves from the natural cycles of change, hoping that we can have growth without ever experiencing death and fallowness. Unfortunately, it is that disconnection that keeps us from knowing the ground is crumbling beneath our feet.

The modern revival of ancient shamanic practices is an invitation to reconnect. Although the word “shaman” is believed to have originated with the tribal people of Siberia, shamans, or medicine people, existed in almost all indigenous cultures, including the Celtic people of the European continent. Most commonly practiced today is shamanic journeying – entering into an altered state of consciousness to receive messages from Spirit – although the envelope of modern shamanism includes herbal medicine, various energy healing modalities, movement and dance, and even environmental activism.

Armed with these techniques, we can feel our way into our place in nature. We can breathe with the trees, receiving the oxygen they give and releasing carbon dioxide back to them. We can learn from, and be supported by, the animals and plants we exist with. We can view the natural cycles as sacred, and therefore open to change as an expression of living energy, to be revered rather than feared.

The world will be healed by those who, instead of retreating from the precipice, run to it and past it into the wild holiness of change. If you are drawn to any of the shamanic practices, you are being called to be a healer – for yourself, your family, your community, your nation, or the world. Take my hand, healer, and be welcomed into the new tribe of connection to nature and the living energy