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Podcast Ep. 78: Yoga for Your Activist Muscle

After a brief break to get my post-COVID life somewhat figured out, I am recommitting to weekly episodes for you and all the emerging advocates, activists, inspirational leaders, and co-creating changemakers out there. These podcast episodes are always inspirited by an Animal Spirit, and the appearance of Owl Spirit today was aligned with that commitment, […]

Podcast Ep. 77: Dancing Starfish Yoga Sequence

Inspired by the way living starfish dance on the ocean floor, this episode’s yoga practice is a reimagining of a sequence I created in 2011. Dancing Starfish is challenging due to ever changing focal points, like trying to look from one star to another on a clear night. Wildlife rehabilitation season is in full swing, […]

Broken Turtles and Spiritual Journeys

“Follow the turtle home,” repeated the box turtle, as he danced across the night sky. Each step sent a cloud of stardust flying, which left a sparkling wake behind him. “Follow the turtle home,” I heard again and again. When the drumbeat stopped, I came out of my first shamanic journey experience confused. What could […]

Podcast Ep 76: Looking Inward With Lizard

This episode offers a short yin-inspired yoga practice to look inward and connect with the energy of lizard. Focus on your third eye and light up your intuition. Wildlife rehabilitation season is in full swing, and I am still without most of my income. The turtles and I need your support to make it through […]

Podcast Ep 75: Listening to the Teacher

Pain is a wake-up call, and a teacher. In this episode, I’ll share my recent experience with pain, and how it informed my yoga practice. Join me for 30 minutes of yoga “at the edge” and practice listening to what your body wants to teach you. Wildlife rehabilitation season is in full swing, and I […]

Podcast Ep 74: Playful as an Otter Yoga

When the Otter card showed up as inspiration for this episode, it was a call for you to tap into childlike innocence as you approach your yoga practice, and your life. You’ll get to be playful in some variations of common poses and deepen without overthinking. Wildlife rehabilitation season is in full swing, and I […]

Podcast Ep. 73: Yoga to Cultivate Focus

This episode, about cultivating discipline and focus, was recorded three weeks ago. Then I got distracted. Doing the final edits today I was reminded that I made a commitment to weekly episodes and will try to get back on track this Friday. Meanwhile, explore a sun salutation-based yoga practice inspired by Moth energy. Wildlife rehabilitation […]

Podcast Ep. 72: Gentle Yoga to Quiet the Mind

Dragonfly zipped in to ask you to quiet your mind, so the yoga practice in this episode guides you through gentle poses with a relaxed belly breath to bring you to stillness. Open to the inner wisdom that surfaces when the body and mind are calm. Wildlife rehabilitation season is here, and I am still […]

Podcast Ep. 71: Yoga for Composting

When the Earthworm card showed up to inspire this episode, I got to thinking about how great it is to have earthworms in my compost pile. They take all my garbage and turn it into fertile soil. You are invited to find the power to do your own with a yoga practice for composting. Wildlife […]