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Podcast Ep. 85: Breathe Into It with Yin Style Yoga

Alligators in Oklahoma who stuck their snouts out so they could breathe as unusual cold froze the water around them inspired a yin style yoga practice which asks you to breathe into discomfort. Like those alligators, when the next climate change crisis hits, and it will, we need to first set ourselves up to breathe. […]

Podcast Ep. 84: Restorative Yoga Inspired by Frog

It has been a fight to get here. A restorative yoga practice invites you to rest and renew your energy so you can get back to standing up for our interconnected ecosystem. Inspired by frog, this episode’s restorative yoga practice guides you into gentle hip openers where you can rest and get in touch with […]

Podcast Ep. 83: Yoga From a Bat’s Perspective

Inversions in yoga are physically beneficial and they invite a change of perspective. Inspired by bat, the short yoga practice in this episode guides you into shoulder stand, with lots of variations and modifications to find an inversion that works for you. Unroll your mat and practice yoga from a bat’s perspective. Income from my […]

Podcast Ep. 82: Meditation to Feel Grounded

If you live in the United States, feeling grounded may be difficult now. Our foundation was rocked and many I speak to are feeling frustrated, angry, and hopeless. If you are trying to achieve something and you are feeling too shaken to focus, settle in for this episode’s guided meditation to reconnect to the Earth […]

Why you should learn Shamanic Reiki

I had had fifteen years of Reiki experience already when I discovered Shamanic Reiki. I did not need more Reiki training to continue serving as I had been, but I was drawn to the aspects of shamanism that were incorporated into Shamanic Reiki. My first training weekend experience marked a pivotal point in my work […]

Podcast Ep. 81: See Past the BS to Your Truth

You are being called to see past your ego to your truth, and to find the beauty in this world that is worth fighting for. In this episode’s yoga practice, you will move through some balance asanas to ground, build core strength, and fire up your third eye. I’ll also share what I intend to […]

Podcast Ep. 80: Breathing Through a Pandemic

Happy Holidays! Because there is so much Air element influence happening, I am sharing a quick but powerful breathing practice in this short episode. It is very centering, and I have been practicing often. We are breathing through a pandemic, after all. I am happy to be back recording mostly weekly for you as we […]

Podcast Ep. 78: Yoga for Your Activist Muscle

After a brief break to get my post-COVID life somewhat figured out, I am recommitting to weekly episodes for you and all the emerging advocates, activists, inspirational leaders, and co-creating changemakers out there. These podcast episodes are always inspirited by an Animal Spirit, and the appearance of Owl Spirit today was aligned with that commitment, […]