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Podcast Ep. 98: Breathwork for Dragonfly Mind

Dragonfly is an indicator species for the health of its wetland ecosystem and for the environment of your mind. Breathwork can help you through the confusion of change by settling your shifting thoughts until what is real becomes clear. Follow a timed breathwork practice to quiet your mind and find clarity in this episode of […]

Podcast Ep. 97: Elephant Yoga to Face Change

What endears me to Elephant Spirit is the way he puts his head down and charges, right into the wild holiness of change. In this episode you can embody Elephant energy in a grounded yet active practice with a few accessible challenges. Can you be steady and hold your focal point? Get more information and […]

Helping Spirit Troubles: Get Lost, Bluebird (Part 2)

In my last post, I shared the challenges I encountered while trying to shamanically connect with the bluebird helping spirit I had been gifted. I did not give up and leave the Shamanic Reiki Master Practitioner training at Omega Institute and, as a result, I learned not to limit my shamanic experiences to journeys. After […]

Get Lost, Bluebird (Part 1)

I had never seen a bluebird outside of internet images and had developed an aversion to one particular “angry bluebird” that had become a meme. When I was given Bluebird as a helping spirit, I was not grateful. I was staying at Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, New York, training in the Master Practitioner Level of […]

Podcast Ep. : Yoga for Your Inner Spark

The spark of inspiration for this episode was Firefly Spirit. The cherished lightning bugs who created magical nights during my childhood are declining. Saving them will require a spark of out of the norm thinking. The yoga practice ignites your inner spark and channels Firefly with expansive and contractive movements that mimic the lightning bug’s […]

The Pilgrimage of Turtles

A recent study conducted in my state found that turtles in wetlands surrounded by busy roads were more likely to be males. This finding only confirmed what I and other turtle rehabilitators already knew – during the late spring, many female turtles are hit by cars during their annual pilgrimage to lay their eggs. A […]

Red Eft, Spiritual Nomad

The red eft appeared from under some leaves and walked slowly down the hill towards the woods, seemingly oblivious to my presence. I shifted my gaze from the sapling that had been my meditation focal point to watch the eft. The bright red salamander stood out against the leaf litter, but the squirrels and chipmunks […]

Podcast Ep. 95: Details About Patreon, Details In Yoga

This episode was inspired by Mouse Spirit, who is detail-oriented and focused on each kernel of abundance to be found. Mouse will take every opportunity, no matter how small or insignificant it seems, to find resources. The gentle supine yoga practice invites you to notice the subtle details of the poses and movements. The shadow […]

When I Dance With Bear in Journeys

In my shamanic journey world, there is a large cave. The entrance looks like a crack in a cliff wall until I walk close. It is at the edge of the meadow where I find an old, twisting, and wise tree. The interior of the cave is wide and round. The ceiling domes but I […]

Podcast Ep. 94: Shapeshift Into Action

In this episode’s practice you will be guided to shapeshift into an animal helping spirit, but the real magic comes when you act on behalf of your helping spirit’s physical presence on Earth. Join me in getting real about some collective spiritual bypassing I witnessed and shapeshift your mystical experiences into action. If you would […]