Entries by Debbie Philp

Podcast Ep. 94: Shapeshift Into Action

In this episode’s practice you will be guided to shapeshift into an animal helping spirit, but the real magic comes when you act on behalf of your helping spirit’s physical presence on Earth. Join me in getting real about some collective spiritual bypassing I witnessed and shapeshift your mystical experiences into action. If you would […]

Podcast Ep. 93: Yoga with Hyena Energy

Hyena must have been laughing at me when I sat down to record this podcast episode, because I struggled to find something to say. While the yoga practice does not reflect all that the adaptable hyena can teach about leadership and communication, it will get you moving with some standing heart openers. May you discover […]

Podcast Ep. 92: Yoga for a Livable Planet

A livable planet for all beings depends on your well-being. If you are not well, we cannot collectively be well. This episode’s grounding and detoxifying yoga practice sequence supports you on your path to well-being and awakens your sense of embodiment and interconnection. It is yoga for a livable planet. Shamanic Reiki Master Practitioner virtual […]

Podcast Ep 91: Energize Your Strength, Heart and Voice

Leadership does not always mean going it alone or being in charge. When you energize your internal strength, open your heart, and fire up your voice, you can bring those qualities to an aligned group, and organization, or a movement and amplify the roar. Inspired by lion, this episode’s yoga practice will energize your core, […]

Podcast Ep. 90: Yoga to Navigate Challenges

When you are advocating for change, you are going to have challenges, no matter how beautiful your vision is. Your practices will help keep you in the game when everything seems to be falling apart. Inspired by my own recent challenges, the yoga practice in this episode is bright but easy sun salutations with time […]

Podcast Ep. 89: Guided Journey Into Spring

On the cusp of the Spring Equinox in the northern hemisphere, take a journey into spring for a message with this podcast episode’s relaxing guided visualization. If you would like to chat about this episode or learn more about yoga, Shamanic Reiki, wildlife conservation, or other ways you can bring healing to all of the […]

Podcast Ep. 88: Sing Your Dream to Create Change

To create change, you must change the way you speak and act to model the dream you wish to manifest. The empowering practice of singing the Chakra seed sounds shapeshifts each of your energy centers as you dream it to be. The short yoga practice sequence in this episode blends gentle asanas with the seed […]

Podcast Ep. 87: Yoga For Your Hands

Are you ready to get hands on? Whether you are serving our Earth with your physical hands or channeling healing, comfort, and care, you need to take care of them. The yoga practice offered in this episode both cares for and energizes your hands and wrists, so you can do your best work in the […]

Podcast Ep. 86: Lobbying Day and Phoenix Meditation

The phoenix represents burning away the past and rising from the ashes as your authentic self. When Phoenix showed up the day after my first time participating in a lobbying day with my state legislators, I knew you needed to find your own way to step into leadership in a way that reflects your truth. […]

Podcast Ep. 85: Breathe Into It with Yin Style Yoga

Alligators in Oklahoma who stuck their snouts out so they could breathe as unusual cold froze the water around them inspired a yin style yoga practice which asks you to breathe into discomfort. Like those alligators, when the next climate change crisis hits, and it will, we need to first set ourselves up to breathe. […]