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Sacred Spirals and Breathwork

“…no circle is ever closed. We walk ever in spirals.” ~ R. Scott Bakker Do you feel like you’ve been here before? We see time as linear and circles in the patterns of nature. And so spring comes around again. Or does it? During the past two moon cycles I’ve been quiet. Introspective. I’ve become […]

Dancing in the Moonlight

Once every three years or so there is a month with two full moons. The second is known as a blue moon. If you’re reading this on July 31st and you go outside right now, you’ll be standing under one. Astrologers seem less excited about the second-of-the month aspect of today’s full moon than about […]

How to Make your Dream Come True

The stories are everywhere, always uplifting, always inspiring: The teens who bring breakfast burritos to homeless people every Sunday. The man who turned vacant lots into organic food forests in South Central LA. The grandmother who runs a health center in the most dangerous city in the world. The father who won a marathon despite […]

Inspiration to Run with the Wolves

One of my Goddess Spirit Circle sisters is reading Clarissa Pinkola Estés’ book, Women Who Run With the Wolves, and shared a reading from it when we met last month. I remember reading the book many years ago (Amazon.com remembers I bought a copy in 1998!) and being wowed by the powerful feminine archetypes. Ready […]

What are your intentions for 2015?

I love being on the cusp of the new year. It feels like the slate has been wiped clean and anything is possible. I always give thought to what I would like to accomplish in the coming year. Sometimes it’s one or two simple things, but most years I dream big. I often dream too […]

Animal spirits: totems for sacral chakra work

A couple of months ago I started a new exploration of the Chakra system by linking chakra energy into the interconnected web of life through the spirits of animals who embody that energy. Now that I am pretty grounded in Muladhara’s energy, I’ve begun to look at the second chakra. Svadhishthana is the center of […]

Get in the flow with the Water Element

During the last few months I have experienced a great deal of uncertainty and change, and a pretty tough sugar detox. Throughout, I focused on grounding and staying connected to the Earth Element. I planted my roots firmly and weathered the storm of change. Now I am flowing through life with much more ease, and […]