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Charge of the Spirit of Earth

By December 5, 2023No Comments

Listen to the words of the Earth,
the spirit of all things wild and free,
and keeper of ancient secrets
that yearn to be known in this new age.

I am the land beneath your feet,
the sky above your head,
the sea who knows the desire
of the Moon and reaches out to her.

All beings know me, for I am mother and father,
the oldest ancestor and the next generation.
You call me life and death, creator and destroyer,
the beginning and the end.

I am fertility and I am decay.
The cycles of being are mine to command:
what is planted, sprouts, grows, and fruits;
what is born, grows, declines, and dies;
and what is reborn.

My magic flows in every leaf that unfurls, every bee that hums, every fawn curled in a meadow, every croaking frog, every songbird, every worm. The land beneath your feet is the soil that sustains all beings. Where you stand is sacred space because it is me and it is life.

Hear me and remember: I am all of nature, and I am you. This is the truth you must know. You are not separate from nature; you have no dominion over life but are inextricably intertwined in it. If there is meaning to be found in your life and your death, then so too must there be meaning in the lives and deaths of every being, plant or animal or insect.

So sing, dance, laugh, love,
learn, grow, give thanks.
In the wildest delight and the deepest grief
I am with you.

Worship me, my beloveds,
by being as alive as you can
until, at the end of all things,
I come to lead you home.

Written for the Mountain River Circle’s Full Moon rituals by Rev. Debbie Philp, (c) 2023. These in-person circles are held monthly at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Glens Falls in Queensbury, New York. See the calendar for upcoming circles.