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Moon Magic: Full Moon in Cancer

By January 17, 2022June 5th, 2023No Comments

Each New and Full Moon I dig into lunar astrology to write my newsletter and to set the theme for the associated Turtle Journey. I am not an astrologer, but I have enjoyed learning about this one aspect of astrology and share some of what I am discovering here.

Today’s Full Moon is in Cancer, barely. A few hours after the Moon is full she will drift into Leo. Until then, though, the Moon is in the sign she rules and all of Cancer’s watery, emotional energy will be amplified. You may desire emotional support and comfort today.

The Moon is full when she is opposite the Sun. Planets in opposition are energetically at odds. The Sun in Capricorn wants to be organized and practical and can be unsympathetic to your emotional state today. The Moon is also opposite Pluto, activating power and control issues. I feel that the theme of the day is, “Crying won’t get you anywhere.”

The thing is, I am tired of hearing that my emotions do not matter to the people in charge. Stop telling me that I should stick to the science and think about the economy and human convenience when my heart says that land or that species is worth protecting. We should not ignore the science, but nor should we ignore our hearts.

My take on the Moon’s energy today is a call to lead from your heart. Find a like-hearted community who can hold you in grief or anger or whatever comes up for you, then, with their support, tell the world why you care. Let the Full Moon in Cancer validate everything you feel.

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