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Moon Magic: New Moon in Pisces

By March 2, 2022June 5th, 2023No Comments

Each New and Full Moon I dig into lunar astrology to write my newsletter and to set the theme for the associated Turtle Journey. I am not an astrologer, but I have enjoyed learning about this one aspect of astrology. I share some of what I am discovering here, along with a bit of magic.

I have been lax in writing posts for the past couple of weeks. For the first week I was trying to catch up on other work, then last week Ukraine was invaded, and I felt like I had nothing to say. How could I possibly share what was happening for me, someone too small to have any influence on the world around me? It was quite a shock to my system, after feeling lit up by the Full Moon in Leo, as I mused on in my last post.

Today’s New Moon in Pisces has been playing with my emotions, and my sense of time and place. I had one of those shower moments when I was so lost in thought I forgot what I was meant to do while I stood under the water. I am also having trouble keeping track of which day of the week it is and have noticed others are affected as well. These moments of disconnect are Pisces at play, when the edges are blurred between realms, and we are caught in the mystical in between space.

So how should I work with that wobbly, dreamy energy while very real horrors are happening?

In addition to the grounded, concrete actions one can take now, such as talking to my representatives (we all need to make sure they hear from us more) and supporting legitimate organizations providing aid to the people and animals of Ukraine, magic calls me to its work.

One of the first things I learned as a newbie practitioner was how to shield. I have been working with my protective energy bubble for decades and have placed similar shields on my house and car. The intention of those shields is to keep me safe and filter out negativity. Not long ago I adapted my shielding ritual to protect wolves. Could I do the same for a country?

I checked in with the Earth and the Nature Spirits this morning as I sat outside for meditation and got a clear “yes.” I was shown how to use my roots, both to connect in with my own circle of support and to transmit energy and intention through the Earth herself to feed a bubble of protection around Ukraine. In the past I have powered my shields with cosmic light, so reaching below and working with the Earth in this way was new.

As I continue to deepen with this revelation, I hope you will also ask Spirit how you might help manifest peace. Yes, world peace is a dream, but there is no better time than when the Moon is in Pisces to float into the realm of dreams and bring one back with you.

May peace and love prevail.

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