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A transformational voice for wildlife and the Earth

I speak live and virtually to interfaith congregations, Earth-centered spiritual organizations, healing arts practitioners, and climate and wildlife activists. In my inspirational talks, I engage you with spiritual storytellingand practical teachings for transformative take-aways.

My ministry is centered in spiritual ecology and our relationship with wildlife. My inspirational talks encourage a loving relationship with nature as a path to healing. I weave in stories from my own experiences as a shamanic practitioner, Pagan, and wildlife rehabilitator. I share teachings from Shamanic Reiki and environmental education.

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Debbie giving an inspirational talk about turtle conservation

Some Inspirational Talks and Presentations:

Loving the World Into Balance: a call for climate justice

Contemplate the injustices faced by all species due to the climate crisis. Discover a path to feeling interconnection and love for all beings to bring the world back into balance. This talk was inspired by GreenFaith‘s “Sacred Season for Climate Justice.”

Broken Turtles: healing through wildlife rescue

Consider wildlife rehabilitation as your way of giving back to the Earth. I will share my spirit-led path to becoming a licensed wildlife rehabber and founding a nonprofit turtle rescue. Open your heart to leading a compassionate life and hear some ways you can help wildlife.

The Hard Work of Standing Up

A physical and emotional health crisis during the pandemic sparked a journey to find practices to shift from pain to purpose. Be encouraged by concrete steps you, too, can take to feel grounded and empowered to do the hard work of standing up for a cause.

Shamanic Reiki: a contemporary approach to ancient medicine

Find out about the practice of Shamanic Reiki in a talk woven with stories and magical experiences. You will gain a basic understanding of this blend of shamanism and Reiki and learn how to begin your own practice.

Praise for Debbie

“Working with Debbie has shifted my energetic being in a way that supports me in a new way of being, seeing, and knowing. Having Debbie, such an intuitive guide, who lives and breathes this authentic shamanic life, is priceless.”

― Jess G., Client

“Debbie fosters a non-competitive haven with vital instruction in how to teach who is in front of you with certainty and readiness to offer modifications to those with limitations while simultaneously challenging the advanced.”

― Jennifer S., Yoga Teacher Training Graduate

“Debbie’s non-judgmental, positive and open demeanor were a blessing for my growth in learning to love and care for myself.”

― Cindy T., Client

“Debbie is one of those teachers who really “gets it” and knows how to bring out the best in her students!”

― Jennifer V., Yoga Teacher Training Graduate

About me:

One Spirit Ordained Interfaith Minister

Shamanic Reiki Worldwide Master Teacher and Senior Mentor

Olympic Mountain EarthWisdom Circle Board of Directors and HEARTH Circle Project Co-Director

New York State Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator

Founder and President of Dancing Turtle Rescue and Education Program

Yoga Alliance E-RYT500 Lead Teacher

B.S. Accounting, Fairleigh Dickinson University

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