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In the My Shamanic Life podcast, I share practices to keep you feeling grounded, connected, and real as you unveil your unique gifts to the world and step forward as an inspirational leader and changemaker in service to your circle, your community, and our Earth’s wild beings. New episodes are posted weekly except during June and December. Listen to episodes below or find and subscribe to My Shamanic Life on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or your podcast player of choice.

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Podcast Ep 03: Aphrodite, Clean Water, and a Healing Yin Practice

This episode continues the journey with Aphrodite, the goddess of love, and her association with healing waters. Find out how the Clean Air Act supports the health of Adirondack lakes and enjoy a yin-inspired yoga practice for the lung, kidney and urinary bladder meridians to support the flow of your internal water.


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Podcast Ep 02: Aphrodite, Porpoises, and a Self-Affirming Yoga Practice

In the Shamanic Flow Podcast episode for the new Flower Moon, explore the archetypal Greek love goddess Aphrodite and endangered vaquita porpoises, plus a way to support sustainable fishing. Discover thymus tapping as a self-care practice and enjoy a 30-minute yoga practice to open your heart space and fill it with light.

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Podcast Ep 01: Bast, Big Cats, and a Sensual Yoga Practice

After a five year hiatus, I’m podcasting again. Welcome to the first episode! Listen in to explore the energy of the archetypal cat goddess Bast, big cats in the United States and the lack of those fierce felines in New York’s Adirondack mountains. Discover dance as a shamanic practice and enjoy a 30 minute yoga practice to embody cat-like sensuality through movement.

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