Private Healing Sessions

A beautiful blend of Shamanic Reiki and Yoga that summons your inner healer

You desire:

  • Deep relaxation and release of held stress
  • Reduction of chronic or acute pain
  • A sense of vitality, harmony, and balance
  • Support and insight through life’s transitions
  • Enhanced well-being overall

Schedule a private healing session that insightfully blends Yoga and Shamanic Reiki into a practice that lovingly honors your unique physiology and subtle energy. Each session is customized in the moment to meet your needs, empower your ability to heal on many layers, and balance the flow of your life energy (also called prana or chi).

During your session, you might be guided through an appropriately-paced Vinyasa practice, receive Shamanic Reiki energy while supported in Yin or Restorative Yoga poses, or relax on the massage table for an hour of light touch Reiki and other Shamanic healing practices. You are your own healer. I deeply trust your inner wisdom and the guidance of Spirit to reveal the holistic practice that will best serve you.

You can create your own transformation when you are held in safe and judgement-free space for your healing process. While a session will be especially supportive when you are facing a medical challenge, making a life or career change, grieving, or struggling with stress, know that any intention for your session is perfect.

Shamanic practices that can be integrated into your session include energetic clearing, cord and obstruction removal, Chakra balancing, and shamanic journeying for insight and healing.

Your investment in an individual one-hour healing session is $55.

Use the easy online scheduler to book your session. Simply follow the links below for your desired location.

Schedule a private healing session at True North Yoga in Schroon Lake, New York

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Schedule a private healing session at True North Yoga in Keene Valley, New York

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I do not diagnose or prescribe treatment for medical conditions, or make decisions for you about your life. Neither Yoga nor Shamanic Reiki is a substitute for medical, psychological or any other treatment, counseling or professional services, but they can aid and support traditional treatments.

Long-distance healing sessions are available. Click here for more information and scheduling.