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Moon Magic: Second Quarter Moon in Taurus

Each New and Full Moon I dig into lunar astrology to write my newsletter and to set the theme for the associated Turtle Journey. I have recently begun to look at the Quarter Moons as well. I am not an astrologer, but I have enjoyed learning about this one aspect of astrology. I share some of what I am discovering here, along with a bit of magic.

When the Moon is half-full at the start of the second quarter, things that were set in motion with your New Moon intentions begin to gain momentum. The luminaries – the Sun and the Moon – are in a square aspect, which indicates tension between them. That tension can be channeled into your endeavors if you adjust and act.

The tricky bit is the Moon is in Taurus and you might be desiring your comfort zone. The stubborn bull is not in a hurry to change anything, especially if it means risking material comforts. If your New Moon intentions included building financial security or attracting abundance, however, Taurus will be more than happy to give you a push.

I was born under a Taurus Moon, so you would think I would be more in touch with my finances, but they have always created struggle for me. It may be because the Moon was waning then, creating different energy. Money magic never seemed to work, until I tried one that made all the difference. I am not sure where the idea came from, but it was not originally mine.

Put a jar on your altar or in another revered place and put some money in it. If you are really broke, like I was when I first did this, you might only be able to come up with one dollar. That is okay! Put the money in the jar and say, “Thank you. More please.” Then, every time money comes into your life unexpectedly, even if is a quarter you found in your pocket, put it in the jar and say, “Thank you. More please.” It may take some time, but when you work with both gratitude and the willingness to ask for what you want, money begins to flow. Leave the money in your jar until it is full or you have all you desire, then put it to use.

Instead of the jar, I use the process to check my bank balance every morning. No matter how much is in there, I write the balance in my day planner and label it “abundance.” Then I say, “Thank you. More please.” Any unexpected money that comes my way goes into that account. I have gotten through some tough times with that magic.

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Free your inner chaos and flow through Dancing Star

“One must still have chaos in oneself to
be able to give birth to a dancing star.”
Friedrich Nietzsche


Dancing star in my art journal.

Dancing star in my art journal.

Do you pay attention to the folks who pay attention to the stars? If you do, you know that we’re in the thick of it right now. There’s a planetary alignment called a Grand Cross going on and it’s stirring up all kinds of stuff. (There’s a great post here about what to expect this week.)

I created this vinyasa yoga flow sequence, which I call Dancing Star, in 2011, but it seems appropriate to share this week.

The circular pattern of the flow fills the whole mat, and the ever-changing focal points give you a nice sense of the cosmic chaos. The movements flow through five-pointed star and dance in and out of triangle pose on the way around the mat.

Roll out your mat, free your inner chaos and be a dancing star.

stand in tadasana
reach overhead and fill your lungs with a big inhale
as you exhale, fold into uttanasana
lift halfway up, hands to shins, and extend your spine
jump (or step) back and lower yourself to chaturanga dandasana
lift to urdhva mukha shavanasana
reach back into adha mukha svanasana
lift your right leg behind you into a down dog standing split
step your right foot forward between your hands into
runners stretch
spin your left heel down, reach your left arm forward
then up, lifting you into
virabhadrasana II
straighten your right leg and bend to the right
into trikonasana
lift your torso upright
turn your right toes toward the side of your mat and feel
five-pointed star
drop your arms down
sweep your hands together in front of your heart, then
press your hands overhead
open your arms back to shoulder height
turn your left toes toward the back of your mat
and bend left into trikonasana
lift out of triangle, bend your left knee and take
virabhadrasana II
windmill your arms to the floor framing your left foot
in high lunge
step back to plank and take the vinyasa to down dog
lift your right leg behind you
step your right foot forward between your hands
and flow from lunge to virabhadrasana II to
trikonasana to five-pointed star
(you should be facing the other side of your mat this time)
bring your hands together at your heart then press them overhead
turn your left toes to the front of the mat
and flow to triangle then warrior II and back to lunge
step back to plank and vinyasa back to down dog
now you’ve circled all the way around your mat
you’re facing front again
repeat the flow, beginning with your left leg this time
you’ll circle around in the other direction
when you flow back to down dog facing the front of your mat
hop (or step) forward
lift halfway up
fold deep and let go
come up to standing, reaching your arms overhead
return to tadasana
you’ll make it through
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