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Podcast Ep 16: Pigeon Salutations for Runners (and Everyone Else)

Since I recently started training for a half marathon after a years-long break from running, I was planning to share a yoga practice for runners to get a good post-run stretch. The card I pulled from Toni Salerno’s Sacred Earth Oracle deck was “Specialization,” which asked me to consider transferring a skillset from one environment to another, so this episode also considers how I bring other aspects of yoga into running as I prepare for an endurance challenge. The flow at the core of the short yoga practice is a pigeon salutation, which opens your running muscles. It’s a great practice for walkers and hikers as well. You’ll only need your mat.

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Thanks to skeeze on Pixabay for the image and Mark Piper for the background music.

While the yoga and other practices presented are intended to be accessible to most, please be open to practicing in an appropriate and safe way for you. It is recommended that you consult your physician before beginning any new exercise program and that at any time during a practice you feel nausea, dizziness, or pain you stop and seek medical advice. I accept no liability whatsoever for any damages arising from the use of my podcasts and, while I make all reasonable efforts to share accurate instruction, the podcast may contain unintended errors. Before all else, listen to your body and trust your inner knowing.