Cindy, Brant Lake, NY

My original goals for taking Debbie’s 6 month Health Coaching Program was to lose weight and learn how to live a healthy life style. What I got was far more. Although still working on these goals I have made many positive changes with the gentle encouragement of Debbie.

Losing weight is not only about food choices, but also attitude and outlook. Debbie helped me focus on the positive by providing simple tools, and she began each session asking “what are we celebrating?” Debbie provided feedback after each session and followed up with useful information and additional resources.

Debbie’s non-judgmental, positive and open demeanor were a blessing for my growth in learning to love and care for myself. I would recommend the program to anyone looking for support in the changes they are seeking. With Debbie you will find a wealth of support and information. She will hold the perfect space for you!