Shamanic Reiki Healing Sessions – Virtual

Moji balls and arch in desert

Shamanic Reiki is a transference of energy and can travel through space like light and sound waves. The same relaxation, healing benefits, and insights can be received anywhere in the world during a virtual Shamanic Reiki session. We will connect online via Zoom, then you settle into meditation, rest, or a quiet activity while I journey on your behalf to work with your spirit guides to activate and direct healing energy, cut energetic cords, or receive messages. Your session may include a guided visualization or shamanic journey as led by Spirit. We will close with a brief share about the experience and insights gained during the session.

Your investment in a 60-minute virtual healing session is $55. Please use the scheduler below to book your distance healing session. Your confirmation will include a link to connect by Zoom at the appointment time.

I do not diagnose or prescribe treatment for medical conditions, or make decisions for you about your life. Shamanic Reiki is not a substitute for medical, psychological or any other treatment, counseling or professional services, but can aid and support traditional treatments.

Debbie Philp beating a frame drum as she might in a virtual shamanic reiki sessionI’m Debbie Philp, and I see you and the Earth flourishing. Through yoga, Shamanic Reiki, and other spiritual practices, you are empowered to cultivate your physical and emotional wellness and deep sense of ecological interconnectedness. I offer you virtual private yoga and Shamanic Reiki sessions, as well as instruction in Shamanic Reiki. I am an E-RYT500 yoga teacher and a Shamanic Reiki Master Teacher with Shamanic Reiki Worldwide.

My mission is to inspire you, and all humans, to create livable habitats for all beings by sharing indigenous wisdom, conservation science, and spiritual ecology. I help you ignite your courage, find deeper meaning in your actions, and commit to serving all beings in our Earth family. My own work towards my mission led me to found Dancing Turtle Rescue, dedicated to protecting native freshwater turtles and their wetland habitats through wildlife rehabilitation, pet turtle rescue, and educational programs.