Work With Me

Work with me virtually during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our circle connecting online is expanding geographically while in-person events are on hold.

Healing For Yourself

Virtual Shamanic Reiki Sessions

Receive insights and relaxing energy while I journey on your behalf to work with your spirit guides to activate and direct healing energy, cut energetic cords, or receive messages in a virtual Shamanic Reiki session.

Virtual Workshops and Ceremonies

Gather virtually with like-hearted souls to celebrate the ancient Celtic festivals, reimagined for modern times by practitioners of Wicca and other neo-Pagan traditions. By engaging in ceremonies throughout the year, you reconnect with the Earth’s rhythms and cycles and remember the ancestral wisdom you carry in your DNA

Service to Others

Virtual Shamanic Reiki Training

Connect deeply with the spirit of nature while becoming a Shamanic Reiki practitioner to heal yourself, others, and the Planet. Shamanic Reiki blends the wisdom of two ancient healing traditions with new approaches and practical teachings. Discover Shamanic Reiki in Level One, Level Two, and Master Practitioner trainings offered via Zoom.

Shamanic Flow Mentorship

One-on-one coaching wrapped in shamanic ritual and energy healing so you can live your best life while manifesting your dreams. Schedule a 60-minute discovery session to experience the transformational power of the Shamanic Flow Mentorship.